1. Click on the following link to download the 2-page questionnaire (.pdf file 78k)

3. Click on the Calculator icon below to download the BPAQ Calculator files (.zip 1.82mb). Double click on setup.exe to install the program. The program will automatically open after installation. Thereafter you can open the Calculator from the installed location on your computer. Using a study participant's data from their completed questionnaire, follow the instructions on the Calculator to enter physical activities (don't forget to click the relevant "Add" button after each activity. When all the participant's activities are added, click "Done" to calculate current, past, and total bone-specific physical activity score. Activities will migrate to the right hand box as you click the "Add" buttons so you can keep track of what you have entered. If you make a mistake, highlight the line and click "Delete."
NOTE: This file has been modified and was reloaded on Nov30, 2011 to allow Windows 7 users to operate the BPAQ calculator.



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