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I’ve been giving my wife the good bread for 30 fucking years, and all she does is complain that it’s stale… Could your marriage pass the loaf of bread test?.

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“…her heart undeniably rests with rugby union and the All Blacks”. She wears black listickĀ  FFS. She sounds like an Auckland Central West moll. She lives in Lakemba. And she was born IN Australia, but has a KIWI passport. I guess that makes her eminently more qualified to deal with the players the ARU are […]

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Fuck me. God forbid a man notice a girl’s legs. Frankly, I don’t see his comments as creepy at all, but no doubt every woman on earth thinks he’s pig. Funny thing, there’s all this talk about his “disgusting” comment, but then they post a photo of her wearing barely nothing in a wholly unnatural […]