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“Golf not needed at Games” – and nor is rugby. Nor basketball. Nor football. Nor cricket. If the Olympics ain’t the pinnacle, then the sport don’t belong. If an athlete would by-pass the Olympics for financial, or because of, contractual obligations, then they’re not needed at the Olympics. Golf not needed at Olympic Games.

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“The Northern Irishman praised Horschel but said he was tired after a four-week playoff run” poor baby. imagine playing 4 rounds of golf a week for one whole month. no wonder he’s knackered. one can only imagine how tired he’d be if he worked a 40 hour week lumping coal to the hod, or sitting […]

race and the tiger


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no no steve! you’re not a racist! actually i don’t know whether you are or not. but that for sure is a racist comment in today’s moral climate. just by mentioning a guy’s skin colour makes you a racist. and since a lot of us do it regularly, that makes whitey a bigot. BUT that […]