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I, for one, can’t wait to see Rod back out on the field. His lightning speed, coupled with his unique ability to bounce backwards, makes him indispensible in those onfield stoushes where he can run into a melee, throw a wild punch, then run away like a scared rabbit, will always be special to me… […]

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this is just SO offensive i can barely put words to it. where are all the feminists decrying the blatant sexualization of men? why aren’t there protests being organized right now? this is paramount to a media raping of man’s right to exist without being ogled by members of the lesser sex. or are things […]

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lucky choc doesn’t rely on all the health research done by his fellow indigenous peoples for his nutrition and training, or he’d be gorging on witchety grubs and chasing kangaroos for his protein drinks. and if he thinks he’s just now reaching his peak at age 37, he’s somehow inherited his best friend’s dazzling IQ… […]

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if  her quote – “I think it’s a beautiful thing to be free and to feel naked but in our culture there is such a pressure to be perfect or to look a certain way that I don’t think girls feel free” – is even slightly true, then why are there so many enormous fat chicks […]

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McKenzie won’t be lining up for the Wallaby coaching job – clearly he’ll be entering politics and is just polishing up his spin doctor qualifications. The fact that he is trying to convince us that “going to put yourself out there in front of a big TV audience and crowd and put yourself on display […]