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is this article a joke? “I like an atmosphere to a game. It’s what brings out your best.” wtf?!?! ummm….quadey…remember playing the all-blacks, in new zealand, during a world cup?!? and what a complete fool you made of yourself?!? or was that really your best? this bloke has no place on a rugby field (or […]

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I’m a bit sceptical of trainer King’s comment “You teach him something on Monday, he’s got it down pat on Tuesday”. Quade has been playing rugby for 10 years, and still can’t do it right – unless all he’s been taught is flick passes and jinking runs with no opposition. Maybe the problem all along […]

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this is just one of many many articles about last night’s geale-mundine fight. interestingly, every single one i’ve read is anti-mundine in it’s sentiment. and then there’s the facebook article written by a nev pires and read by 1000’s – all unanimously (bar one) agreeing with everything written. i repeat it here in full for […]