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There’s so many things wrong in the comments section I don’t know where to begin. Firstly, ask the indigenous Australians how they feel about the maoris that cruise the streets of Logan. Secondly, to those who comment about “knowing where they come from” and then bag Australians as culturally bereft – you DO know that […]

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Clearly any medical training I might have stands me in no stead whatsoever after the Wallaby doctor(s?) deemed Smith okay to play on. It would seem current knowledge and research counts for nothing when it’s a Lions test, and all that mounting evidence doesn’t hold for record-breaking flankers who have been drafted to save the […]

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hmmm – you gotta wonder. not that i’d ever want to impugn the reputation of one of australia’s greatest swimmers, but trace has a history of drama-queen incidents, and this fits squarely into that category. let’s re-cap – she’s onto her second stubby, she’s got what is most likely a boatload of prescription drugs onboard, […]