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Brilliant. I LOVE it. And if upsets the kiwis. even better!!! They’re SO precious about their stupid fucking haka. I still remember the furore Sam Scott-Young caused when he blew them kisses during a Bledisloe haka, and how upset the entire country was. And can someone explain to me why, if it’s a way of […]

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Yeah, he’s a magnificent physical specimen. Yeah, he’s an extremely gifted athlete. But let’s face facts – Nonu has shown him how far he still has to go to be in the same class as someone who’s played the game his whole life, and SBW is out of time. He’s 30 years old, and spent […]

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I used to think that Bernie was Australia’s only real choice for test flyhalf because he was a steadying influence and made relatively smart choices. I may have to revise – if he still hasn’t worked out how to get water from a squeeze bottle into his mouth at age 25, perhaps he’s just not […]