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Well done, Peter Dutton, for bringing about law changes that takes maggots like this thug and sends him back where belongs. If I have to read that his family decry the outcome because their boy is an “honest, gentle, hard-working and loveable fellow” I’ll be starting a petition to have THEM removed from our shores […]

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Who¬†EVER would have seen this coming? A professional athlete being excused from yet another subsequent law-breaking misdemeanour as the (*pick whatever code you like* code) union insists it’s cleaning itself up. What a freakin’ joke. No doubt Harmichael won’t have any mud on his fingers – the powers-that-be will have handed out amatch tickets and […]

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Just go away Bernie. A lot of people have downgraded their criticsm of you because of the “depression” factor. It’s a vastly misunderstood malaise and a political hot potato – for you to bandy the word about shows your utter disregard for humanity. You complain about how hard your life has been, how horribly the […]