Shannon Noll’s ‘toxic masculinity’ is the Australian way


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Best. Comment. Ever. (About #40…reads as follows – just in case the article disappears)

Old Bloke, Summer Bay
The consistent attempt to make everything all about the patriarchy is downright boring. Stories get published and make the authors a living I guess, but fair dinkum, Noll screaming that he would “f—k your mother” at someone is an insult precisely because the object of the insult is expected to revere the woman in question. It is no way a threat of violence against a woman. It is an insult, based on a mental image most unwelcome. Yes, men are violent, more so than women. They kill more often, they kill partners, enemies, friends when enraged, but most of all they kill themselves. Suicide is the leading cause of death among young men in this country. So far as I know there has never been a human culture where men did not physically dominate women. maybe it is time to change that, maybe not. Personally I have never felt the need to exercise physical force against a woman, but it seems more likely now than ever, as the aggression of younger women, including physical aggression, is increasingly visible in my daily life. Maybe we will get somewhere near equality there soon. Will that be good? as far as I can see the most visible outcome of feminism is the doubling of aggressive young drivers on the road as the girls get as impatient and foolhardy as the boys. Also I notice that at the beach the boys would not be game to walk out in a pair of swimming briefs (budgie smugglers) for fear of being ridiculed while the girls are wearing not much at all, buttocks fully exposed, wax off. I’m not sure how that came about, the double standard is glaring. Fortunately I am of an age where the gender issues do not require my compliance. No one cares what what an old white male thinks. We are the lowest of the low in the 21C social hierarchy, and I like that anonymity.

Source: Shannon Noll’s ‘toxic masculinity’ is the Australian way

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