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Hopoate forgets to mention that some of his “past mistakes” happened within the last 12 months. Perhaps he thinks that his most  “famous” finger-poking mistake was helping boys become men. In which case, he’d make a great priest…SIGH…

via John Hopoate says he’ll make good men of Manly boys.

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obviously this guy’s a nutter. abortion is like slavery? WTF? but the clincher of his unworthiness of the highest office? how could a nation trust anyone who doesn’t eat bacon? adventists might not go around killing anyone of a different faith, but to shun flesh of the pig? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

via Leading Republican candidate Ben Carson compares abortion to slavery.

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The ARU could have used their yearly top-up payment to the reserve flyhalf, and paid for 35 staff members to be flown over to England, given accommodation, and tickets to every game. And he STILL would be earning 8 times more than the average Australian – not bad for a Wallaby travelling on a new Zealand passport who’s played about 400 minutes of rugby in the last two years.

via Rugby World Cup 2015: ARU head Bill Pulver thanks the families the Wallabies left behind.

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…AND they didn’t have children to add to the mix…plus lots of money. so it’s not life’s normal stresses. Contrition contrition contrition. Or else…

via Guy Pearce announces split from his wife of 18 years Kate Mestitz.

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Presumeably  “hooked his teammates up with a set of wheels” means Quade burgled them from the local hi-tec store and has farmed them out to his teammates before the authorities have had a chance to look at the CCTV footage…

via Rugby World Cup 2015: Michael Cheika’s Wallabies headed for Buckingham Palace.

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It’s no surprise to see one name in particular in that group of current players who have lost to Wales. It may, in fact, be that person who  made it possible for the other four to have such an experience. And if Cheika decides to run him this weekend, another 10-22 players might get the opportunity to see what it’s like too. Clue : It’s not Giteau, Mumm, Moore, or Mitchell…

via Rugby World Cup 2015: Wales haunted by Wallabies record.

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Brilliant. I LOVE it. And if upsets the kiwis. even better!!! They’re SO precious about their stupid fucking haka. I still remember the furore Sam Scott-Young caused when he blew them kisses during a Bledisloe haka, and how upset the entire country was. And can someone explain to me why, if it’s a way of honouring the enemy, a bunch of brownskins performed a haka at the crash site of that poor kiwi slapper who was bludgeoned to death by her kiwi biker boyfriend in a fit of rage. Were they honouring HIM?!?!

via Rugby World Cup 2015: All Blacks furious after Matt Dawson ridicules the haka with the ‘hakarena’.

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Yeah, he’s a magnificent physical specimen. Yeah, he’s an extremely gifted athlete. But let’s face facts – Nonu has shown him how far he still has to go to be in the same class as someone who’s played the game his whole life, and SBW is out of time. He’s 30 years old, and spent the last 7 years jumping from code to code and never realizing his full potential in either code. Please let “the greatest cross-code player” be the last League experiment for rugby. Folau has shown he could have all the skills to be a great rugby player too, but spending those crucial years of schoolboy to man playing a different game has left them shy of being the best. IMHO.

via Rugby World Cup 2015: New Zealand All Blacks centre Sonny Bill Williams to put frustrating year behind him.

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I used to think that Bernie was Australia’s only real choice for test flyhalf because he was a steadying influence and made relatively smart choices. I may have to revise – if he still hasn’t worked out how to get water from a squeeze bottle into his mouth at age 25, perhaps he’s just not smart enough to play at international level…

via Rugby World Cup 2015: Wallabies halves could be a ‘horses for courses’ call.

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How could anyone be surprised or doubt the veracity of this story? Gallen has proven himself to be a grub of the highest magnitude over and over again, on AND off the field. Yet the NRL and Channel Nine still parade him around like he’s the “best of the best”. And that’s why ppeople around the world have such a low-brow opinion of Rugby League.

Paul Gallen is hailed as an NRL hero — but his behaviour to young fans is an insult | The Courier-Mail.