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Loaded statements


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i love this guy’s articles. he makes the sundaymail almost worth buying. and this story in particular! i used to do this all the time, but it only cost $1 in the 80’s. and girls still had a sense of humour then too – so i quite often got lucky using it…

YOU’VE GOT MALE: Loaded statements

best chips ever?!?


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now there are two sides to look at this, and i am firmly camped right in the middle of the two of them. on the one hand, i strongly believe that vegemite should not be trifled with, it should not be dabbled with. it should remain unchanged and as pefect as it’s always been. on the other hand, where’s the downside of chips + vegemite? two perfect foods joined at the hip. it’s win-win no matter which way you look at it. god , life just gets harder and harder…

Vegemite flavoured chips in supermarkets.