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It would be a shame to lose TPN – it’s taken him more than a decade to finally be able to throw a lineout ball semi-accurately, and the Wallabies need to harness that skillset while it’s still available…

Tatafu Polota-Nau keeps eyes on 2019 Rugby World Cup after signing for Leicester.

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Let’s talk about subtle journalistic obfuscation – saying the Wallabies are “rather settled after a disappointing first few Tests of 2017” without mentioning that those tests include two losses to the AllBlacks, and draws against a weak Bok team, factor in that they have since played only weaker teams, and it’s really just putting lipstick on the pig…

Michael Cheika says Wallabies showed character to overcome 15-3 penalty count.

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I’ve never been a great fan of League-ies coming across to rugby, and landing in Test sides without playing at least a few years dues, but Hunt is SO much better than Kerevi that I’m willing to  change my stance. Hunt can stay in a defensive line, he can understand his role in that line, and he can tackle – three things that the Queensland captain (that’s another whole rant’s worth) can not do…

Samu Kerevi in line to edge out Karmichael Hunt for spot in Wallabies starting XV.

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Because I’m nice (and forgiving), I wrote this comment in response to the article. Whether the SMH publish is another matter…

Tom Decent – You’re obviously a Quade fan, like legions of others. I am from the other side of the fence, and what you see as “a solid game”, I see as his usual lacklustre performance, the shying away in defence, the high tackles and yellow cards, and the very odd, not-so-often well executed pass or kick. Quade has never been able to shine at International level against top teams, and now, at age 29, it seems perfectly reasonable that he be passed over with someone younger and more promising.

I personally will miss Quade – over the past decade, he has made an extremely boring game a lot more interesting. Interesting, not better. Certainly the comedy value, and the head-shaking value, goes up whenever he takes the field!

Quade Cooper misses out on Wallabies spring tour squad as late injuries force Michael Cheika’s hand.

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20 kiwis in a squad of 37. And that’s not including Quade! This is a new low for Australian rugby that will be difficult to turn around. Mores the pity that quite a few of them are actually Rugby League players.
The Wallabies will be playing a pretend Barbarians side that includes not one Northern Hemisphere player and is captained by a guy playing for one nation whilst traveling on another’s passport, has never been able to lock down a position in his national side, still can’t tackle after more than ten years of professional rugby, and would have been jailed for assault and stealing had his state union not stepped in to save the day.
Rugby is a joke in this country.

Bledisloe Cup: Karmichael Hunt will have to prove himself for game three, says Michael Cheika.

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Yeah…Okay Alan. They got 100k to the AFL grand final – this game will be lucky to attract 100…call me cynical, but a Barbarians side with no Northern Hemisphere players, some ex-fringe-Wallabies, and a bunch of kiwis playing NRC because they couldn’t get SuperRugby contracts in the side, and it seems a little bit like a desperate money grab for a dying sport…

Alan Jones names seven Wallaby representatives and Jacques Potgieter in Barbarians squad.

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No No No. This thug – yet another violent criminal kiwi who’s made this country his home  – gets seven years jail for killing some innocent kid? Seven years? He murdered the poor bugger! AND he gets two years off for time served? There is something terribly wrong with this country’s justice system…I wonder if the maggot will get deported like his fuckwit mate once he’s done his prison time, or if he’ll stay here peddling his filth until he gets jailed again.

Cole Miller’s killer sentenced to seven years in jail.

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Burgess was in the squad for the same reason the Wallabies picked Sailor, Tuquri, Rogers et al (not to mention some actual rugby players) because their Unions pay them big dollars to switch codes, and aren’t going to leave their major signings on the bench or off the field.

Sam Burgess selection the tipping point in England’s embarrassing Rugby World Cup campaign.

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In response to a reader’s comments, published after the article…

@gman – now you’re just being disrespectful! Quade’s counter-attack from whatever defensive backspace he’s been hiding in is always something to behold, as is his behind-the-back flick-passes when he realizes that he’s going to get smashed if he doesn’t offload the pill. The comedic value he adds to a game of rugby should not be dismissed in such a cavalier way.

Quade Cooper to captain Barbarians team against Wallabies later this month.

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And yet she gets her tits out in “Big Little Lies”.  I won’t even mention the surgery or botox…this is a person who’s won Academy Awards, commands huge fees as an accomplished actress, and clearly has an  influence. Way to go, girl – stand up for women’s rights!


Nicole Kidman calls out Hollywood’s sexism in new essay for Net-A-Porter.