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Yeah yeah – he’s a lovely guy. He just happens to play a violent contact sport and occasionally brainfades happen and someone gets hurt. Staffies are beautiful friendly dogs, just occasionally they bite the face off the next door neighbour’s child…

Melbourne Storm probe NRL over failure to send off Sia Soliola for Billy Slater hit.

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Why do Clyne and the ARU think that getting rid of one crappy team will suddenly make the other four crappy teams better? Losing a Super Rugby team is NOT going to fix Australian rugby – I know it, Joe Blow knows it, and so does the ten year-old kid at the end of the street. I shakes me head…

ARU chairman Cameron Clyne hints he will stand down if Super Rugby cull fails.

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My first meme to Twitter…

fithdy on Twitter: “China bans Pooh!”.

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Good to see Quade isn’t TOO upset (or disadvantaged) at mssing Wallabies selection… it’s probably a loaner, and he’s just gonna drive it over to the bro to whom he’s on-sold it…

Quade Cooper (@quadecooper) • Instagram photos and videos.

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Imagine the furore if this was an article, written by a man, about Buffy being changed to a man, or Khaleesi being replaced by a man, or Jennifer Aniston being replaced by a man? Please stop with the man bashing – it’s just so yesterday, it’s untrue, and smacks of desperation to keep an outdated anger fueled up by misandrists and lesbians…

10 changes we can expect from the first woman Doctor Who.

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Tom Tate calls Peter Beattie an “overcooked tart”. He’s right, of course, but it would have a whole lot more meaning if the statement hadn’t come from an underdone budget steak…

‘Overcooked’ media tart: Gold Coast mayor lashes Beattie.

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Who says Donald Trump ignores science? He clearly must suffer from IBS or some other digestive affliction, and has been taking a course of fecal transplant tablets. Only problem being he mustn’t like the taste, and keeps spitting the pills out – during G20 speeches and other public engagements…

I gave my cat a poop transplant—here’s what happened next | Ars Technica.

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What a trite conversation piece. Is it wise for the NRL to keep employing The Plane when he makes such ridiculous comparisons? I wonder if he knows the market forces involved in the US? More particularly, does he realize the hold that NFL has on revenue streams? Does he even know the population of the US? Come on Jarryd, you stick to football, and leave the money stuff to guys who can leave their socks on when they’re counting past ten…

NRL players playing catch-up with American sports on pay deal, says Jarryd Hayne.

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Fuck me. God forbid a man notice a girl’s legs. Frankly, I don’t see his comments as creepy at all, but no doubt every woman on earth thinks he’s pig. Funny thing, there’s all this talk about his “disgusting” comment, but then they post a photo of her wearing barely nothing in a wholly unnatural pose, showing off her body – and her legs – in Sports Illustrated, no less – in a shoot that SHE chose to do, and was indubitably recompensed richly for. Because, as we all should know by now, girls deserve their cake, and they should be allowed to eat it too.

‘Look at those legs!’: US Olympic gymnast endures creepy comments from co-presenter.

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OMFG you gormless twat. Please, Quade, for the sake of rugby, STFU. Seriously. For a guy who feeds his 1/2 million Twitter followers little treats on a daily basis, I’d have thought since you clearly derive most of your oxygen from “keyboard warriors”, you’d choose to encourage engagement.
What qualifies as “trying” to a lot of these guys is not what is expected of our Wallabies. They should all be either busting their hump, or bending over sucking in air when they’re not, trying not to bring up their lunch from the exertion. Neither should they be jogging to the blind side, or the far wing, or as second fullback, when the opposition has the ball. Some players are worse offenders than others, and one or two even actually look like they’re giving their all, but I haven’t seen Izzy look knackered during OR after a game since he played Origin, to name just one…


Quade Cooper bites back to suggestions Wallabies weren’t trying against Scotland.