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Oh FFS. Will the author offer a retraction when Gadot gets paid $20million for Wonder Woman 2? She got paid MORE than Hemsworth for his first superhero stint, and to even pretend to compare her salary to that of Downey’s with a 20 year background in blockbuster movies is just plain ridiculous. Gender gap, my arse.

Even Wonder Woman isn’t immune from the gender pay gap – for now.

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I’ve never done this before, but I feel compelled to post some readers’ comments after this article, particularly since I KNOW the SMH won’t print my response to @shinobi…So here ya go!

fair go forster, nsw,Jun 8 2017 at 9:20am

This is what the Haka has descended to and it has been going on for years. Please return to the original sporting Haka.

Hugh Briss Gold Coast,Jun 8 2017 at 11:15am

Hear Hear. The ONLY reason for a haka on a rugby field is tradition, and everything but the Ka mate version has only been performed for 20-odd years, hardly traditional…

shinobi Jun 8 2017 at 1:22pm

@Hugh Briss do you think the All Blacks invented the haka? No sorry Tribes around NZ have their own haka each unique to their own region, over time high schools have taken on these haka and also made up their own. Local rugby clibs have their own too. Just because you yourself are only aware of different haka being about in the last 20 years maybe you should do some research. this is part of NZ tradition, when a team visits NZ this is how they are greeted by locals. It is a challenge, but it is also done to support and uplift hence the reason it is done on special occasions like Anazac day, birthdays and funerals etc. Please do some research.

Hugh Briss Gold Coast (unpublished)

@shinobi – I have done PLENTY of research, including speaking to many of my Maori friends, on New Zealand, it’s people, and it’s traditions. I am fully aware, and have been for decades, of the numerous different hakas and their meanings – I write about the Ka mate haka performed before AllBlack games and it’s tradition – NOT Kapa o pango or any other rite. So I respectfully change nothing. The throat-slitting gesture is what’s at issue here, not the words…but as a good kiwi, you’ll likely excuse and explain why it’s not offensive, just as you would illegal offside play, or AllBlack legends effectively ending one of the world’s great centres’ careers with an illegal and extremely dangerous tackle.

via British and Irish Lions Tour: Blues’ haka a tasteless step too far in wake of London terror attacks.

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Watched the Socceroos game last night (well, bits of it anyways), and was appalled at the Saudis’ lack of respect throughout the minute of silence for the London victims. They claim that standing quietly is “not part of their custom”…we keep pandering to their toxic muslim culture…the game should have been cancelled right there and then imho. Fuck ’em. Pigs. The Saudis are some of the worst since they have America’s blessing because of their oil reserves…Grow some balls, Middle East, and do something about these nutters, or don’t complain when the rest of the world takes matters into it’s own hands…

Socceroos vs Saudi Arabia: Minute of silence before World Cup qualifier ‘not in keeping with Saudi culture’.

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For the first third of this article, I thought it was a piece about female insecurity and self-loathing. The second part is spent cynically picking on a celebrity couple who seem to be at peace with themselves, and their love for their partner. The third part is about a megalomaniac, and says what everyone already knows.

I know that she’s an author and tv presenter of some renown (and some of her stuff IS really good), but it’s no wonder that Asher Keddie gets Logies, and Ms. Crabb doesn’t….

The camera, unfortunately for us, never lies.

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Stephen Moore? Seriously? I’d love to see the rationale for that choice. He has been in exceptionally bad form since he moved to Queensland, his last game was the first time all season he lasted more than 50 minutes, his lineout throwing has degraded dramatically, and his relationship with referees is, at best, questionable. I wouldn’t have him in my Top 30 list…

Super Rugby 2017: Sean McMahon and hard truth about pricing players in Australia.

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Oh Gawd I am SO sick of these w****ers and their entitlements. You’re a handy footballer mate, not a brain surgeon. The only reason you get paid at all is because some people are willing to watch you play, and because advertisers know that lots of people watch your game on the telly. Everytime I see you, I’m reminded of an afternoon on a roof with a mate and a few ales, mocking the powers-that-be for trying to rein you in. You can take your respect and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Josh Dugan on Dragons exit: Loyalty won’t pay the bills when you’re 40.

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Wow! A 400kg wild animal does what wild animals do, and everyone is horrified. I’m calling for a cull…of stupid humans.

Terrifying moment a sea lion pulls a girl into the water.

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Channel Nine started the promo’s with a teaser in their 6pm National News, giving us hints about prostitution and dodgy dealings, in what purported to be an actual news report, ending with “Learn more on Sixty Minutes, tonight at 8.30” before moving on to the next story. It’s a bit like an ad for a divorce lawyer – grubby grubby grubby…

Cassandra Sainsbury risks same 60 Minutes fate as Schapelle Corby.

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Gee! A guy says he’d rather have good-looking women in short skirts working around him – and who wouldn’t? – and a woman can take that to mean he thinks it’s their only purpose? SHUT THE FUCK UP. Presumeably most women would much rather have ugly guys working with them than studly man-meat distracting them from the tasks at hand.

If I was faced with the dilemma of hiring one of two women, it would actually be a hard decision, but ultimately, I’d employ the woman with the fewest neuroses – but if they were afflicted equally then i most definitely hire the cute slender one who got her tits out for me.

Em Rusciano roasts John Laws after ‘sexist’ short skirt comments.

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I think it’s wrong that Reynolds (or really any rugby league player, or professional rugby player for that matter) can afford a personalised number plate, let alone the Mercedes to put it on. Have you heard the guy talk? He’s barely literate. Lucky he can play footy because he might just be too dumb even to dig ditches for a living…

Gold Coast Titans star Jarryd Hayne’s priorities have changed since becoming a father, says mum.