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Well Garry, don’t move so far North that you end up on the Gold Coast. My sleepy little fishing village has become a pilot light for modern-day Gomorrah. I asked a little old lady at out local supermarket just yesterday if she’d like some help getting her bags into her car. She was a. obviously quite frightened as I walked towards her, b. she was obviously quite dubious about my offer, and c. so obviously relieved and grateful when she realized I was actually just trying to be helpful, and she echoed the lady in your story verbatim “People don’t help anymore…”

It’s a very sad state of affairs when healthy people don’t give up their seats on the bus for those more needy (and don’t even realize or know that it’s the nice and proper thing to do), that polite merging on a busy road is a thing of the past, and that customer service has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

When did big-city society give up?

Sydney, I love you, but you’re meaner than ever: that’s why I’m leaving.

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You’re a sad sad little man-woman KRudd. This is about the longest adult tantrum in the history of the world, and you’re still making up stories about invisible supporters and the boogie-man. Surely it’s time now to go softly into the good night, and quit your ridiculous raging. For everyone’s sake.

Another country approached me for United Nations nomination, Kevin Rudd says.

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Weidler says that Greg Bird ¬†“is no dummy…quite the opposite…” The dictionary describes stupid as : Given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless mannerc : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish

So it would seem, Weidler, that he IS in fact stupid as, since these words very accurately describe Bird and his actions.

Kieran Foran’s ex-partner Rebecca Pope could be key witness in NRL investigation.

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Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that this woman appears to have taken offence at strangers commenting on her body, unless they were young men? Cougar complex anyone?

Boxing changed my body, and everyone felt the need to comment on it.

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It’s a bit hard to feel sorry for someone who thinks it’s a good idea to save money on eye surgery by going to an unlicensed nobody in an apartment. At what point do alarm bells start ringing for a person THIS stupid? And the really dumb thing is that they’d NEVER go to a backyard brain surgeon, even though their beauty is clearly more important to them than their IQ. I say let the dodgy non-surgeons keep plying their trade – it gives trained people more work eventually, and no harm no foul if it all turns fatal…

via Fake medical practitioners perform cosmetic surgeries in Sydney flats and hotel rooms.

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Let’s face it – Quade didn’t make Rio because he isn’t good enough. But the passport thing has been a bugbear of mine for years – most people don’t believe (or know) when I tell them he travels (now travelled) the world representing Australia, all the while carrying a NZ passport. It’s a ridiculous notion that a Wallaby travels to Eden Park to battle the All-Blacks as a New Zealand citizen. And Quade’s not the only one. Forget residency laws – I want an Australian representing Australia.

via ARU says it was lack of football, not passports, that led to Quade Cooper’s Sevens axing.

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This is just SHOCKING news. Lucky for Jonah (and all the others) that steroid usage wasn’t banned in the early 90’s, or blood tests may have shown some ¬†indication. And does anyone remember how, in the space of one off-season, Jonah went from being big to being gigantic?!? I suppose there’s a very small chance it could have just been a natural growth spurt…

via Jonah Lomu death: Teammate Joeli Vidiri says kidney disease linked to creatine.

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FFS – the psychologist is shaming the fit chick for going out of her way not to shame the skinny chick and the fat chick, but for merely saying that one is far too skinny, and one is far too fat?!? WTF?!? one is already dead, and one will be soon. and i can’t imagine a single person thinking either of the “extreme” girls is more attractive than the knucklehead bikini sheila. but then, i’m a dinosaur misogynist bigot…what would i know???

via Ashy Bines’ ‘extremely ignorant’ Instagram post.

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Yeah yeah – I’m sure you’re a lovely guy, John – apart from the finger-poking, verbally abusing kids, the on- and off-field thuggery, and the dodgy ‘Cross jobs…Do you even know how you came to have ten children?

via John Hopoate NRL feud: Dispute over coaching may end up going all the way to the Supreme Court.

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everyone needs to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. if this woman was being racist because she tried to look like kanye (and wtf is THAT about?!?) then why isn’t the other woman in the photo being vilified for dressing like a zombie? surely that’s just as offensive to every undead person on the planet? double standards of the moral police again…

via Former NRL star Jamal Idris in attempted kidnap in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: report.